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Roving Refills

Mobile detergents - BYO bottle


We operate as different licensees servicing specific areas of Melbourne, working together to reduce plastic waste.

We talk and work together, but offer slightly different products and services. 

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We acknowledge that we live and work on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land. Sovereignty has never been ceded.  We acknowledge the rightful Traditional Owners of Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.


Roving Refills was created in 2019 by two sisters, Claudine and Raphaelle, who have a passion for environmental protection and a growing concern at the amount of plastic packaging in the world. They started Roving Refills to provide people with locally made, eco-friendly alternatives to highly packaged products that have travelled many miles and are not waterways-safe.


Bring your own container and refill it with our eco-friendly, low-miles products. Any size or shape is fine, but ensure you clean the container thoroughly before refilling (unless it has contained our products previously) to avoid cross-contamination.

If you are a business and want to reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce by allowing us to deliver our products to you in bulk and then taking back our containers to be reused, contact your nearest rover and we will send you a quote for this service.

See FAQs tab above for more information.


We operate as a mobile vendor and also supply bulk products to businesses looking to reduce their plastic waste or stores that want to stock the refills we sell.

We attend some environmentally-focused events and visit private, commercial, school, office or community groups. We try to have monthly stints at locations so that customers can routinely fill up each month. 

We may charge an hourly fee for commercial events/sites, but do not charge a fee for council, community, educational or school events.

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