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Q - Do you take card?

A - Yes! Cash or card.

Q - Are your products natural?

A - This depends on what you mean by 'natural'. Detergents, shampoos and body washes are
man-made products. 
What we can say is that all our products are derived from plant-based oils and fats, and free from unnecessary fillers and additives. This makes them as environmentally-friendly as is possible.
Vinegar and window cleaner are exceptions, which are made chemically from alcohol. 

Q - What do you do with the big containers?

A - We take them back to our suppliers for re-use. 

Q - Are your products vegan/cruelty-free?

A - All are cruelty-free. 

Q - What kind of container can I refill with you?

A - Any container you like, as long as it's clean and dry. Best to avoid those that have contained bleach or other strong chemicals, to avoid cross-contamination.

Q - Do you take spare container donations?

A - We may take a few to have on-hand, but we don't want too many, thanks anyway! The idea is that we use what we already have. 

Q - What kind of places/where do you go?

A - We go everywhere! We just need private or off-street parking, or council permission for council land. We can visit offices, schools, markets, community groups, etc. 

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