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B.Y.O Containers


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Price list current as of 19/4/2021



  • BYO containers, jars or anything else you use to refill

  • We always keep a small stash of containers/jars on board (...we all have those forgetful moments!)

  • We're all about reducing plastic waste where we can - that's why we have chosen our suppliers on the basis that they 'take back' our empties too for refilling!

 Refilling your containers is one of the simple things we can do for you to help you reduce your household plastic waste.  


We really look forward to seeing you soon at one of our roves. 

Are you a business, a childcare centre, a cafe or a school and would like to operate more sustainably and have regular refills of hand sanitiser or any other product?

Would you like to us to rove to your next event?

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