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Roving Refills Inner North are back roving for 2022 and would love to help you reduce your plastic waste!
Please email us with any questions/delivery/refill queries you may have:
Rest assured knowing that the products we source for you come from suppliers who share our environmental and ethical values:
  •  Minimal/zero waste by returning our bulk drums for refilling 
  • compostable scourers and paper packaging
  • compostable labels
  • Biodegradable cleaning products
  • Australian made (Vic made as much as possible)
  • Palm Oil free (except Sunbutter)
  • Vegan/Cruelty free (except some WOWW soaps)
  • High quality ingredients used  
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  • BYO containers, jars or anything else you use to refill

  • We always keep a small stash of containers/jars on board (...we all have those forgetful moments!)

  • We're all about reducing plastic waste where we can - that's why we have chosen our suppliers on the basis that they 'take back' our empties (drums) too for refilling!

FAwkner wholefood collective logo.png

Join the Collective! 

We have continued our relationship with the Fawkner Wholefood Collective (FWC) this year to make it even easier on a monthly basis to get your refills!

We will be onsite at the Fawkner Bowls Club on a Sunday every month! This day is 'Distribution Day'!!

You can either refill with Roving Refills Inner North directly on the day - or place your order via the FWC Open Food Network shop.

Why not refill your entire pantry via the FWC as well as stock up on fresh fruit/veg, eggs, bread and milk! 


Package Free - dramatically reduce your waste by refilling with us!


Locally sourced and manufactured-

We only supply locally made products.


Affordable -

Only buy what you need!


Earth friendly -

Biodegradable, compostable, refillable!

New products now on board!

shampoo with a purpose OG 2.jpeg
shampoo with a purpose colour treated ha
SWIP volume.jpg
SWIP dry damaged.jpg

Solid shampoo + conditioner bars by Shampoo with a Purpose - zero waste hair care!

All $16 each - replaces x6 bottles of product!


We have the right bar to suit your hair:


  • O.G ('normal hair')

  • Dry/damaged hair

  • Coloured treated hair

  • Volume

New products now on board!

soap holder 1.jpg

We have some super earth friendly products available now from Moss & Pear - a local Melbourne business!

Reclaimed Victorian wood soap dishes!

Say goodbye to soggy soap!


Magnetic soap holder- L-shape: $20 each

Magnetic soap holder - button:  $25 each

button holder 2.jpg
soap holder angle.jpg

New products now on board!

gardeners bar.jpeg
camomile soap woww.jpeg
barista soap woww.jpeg
beauty bar.jpeg

Body soaps from War On Waste Weekly (WOWW)- handmade, small batch and luxurious.

Now on board:

  • Barista bar-$13

  • Gardeners bar- $13

  • Beauty Bar- $13

  • Camomile bar- $15

  • Loofah Bar - $15

  • Greenie bar - $13

  • Face cleansing bar - $9

  • The Upcycled bar - $13

face bar 2.jpg
woww bars top website.jpg

We only source and sell products to you that we would and do use on ourselves and our families - we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

We proudly stock the following brands:

clap hands FB image.png
shampoo with a purpose OG 2.jpeg
GiGi TP logo.png
Goodclean image.png
pits of joy jar.png
moss and pear image.png

 Refilling your containers is one of the simple things we can do for you to help you reduce your household plastic waste.  


We really look forward to seeing you soon at one of our roves. 

Are you a business, a childcare centre, a cafe or a school and would like to operate more sustainably and have regular refills of hand sanitiser or any other product?

Would you like to us to rove to your next event?

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